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[mp3] 20170519.mp3 6.3 MB 2017-Jun-01
[txt] 20170520_No_CLass.txt 0.0  B 2017-May-19
[txt] 20170521_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-May-19
[mp3] 20170522.mp3 6.5 MB 2017-May-22
[mp3] 20170523.mp3 7.8 MB 2017-May-23
[txt] 20170524_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-29
[mp3] 20170525.mp3 6.5 MB 2017-May-25
[mp3] 20170526.mp3 7.2 MB 2017-May-26
[txt] 20170527_No_CLass.txt 0.0  B 2017-May-29
[txt] 20170528_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-May-29
[mp3] 20170529.mp3 7.8 MB 2017-May-29
[mp3] 20170530.mp3 6.1 MB 2017-May-30
[mp3] 20170601.mp3 5.5 MB 2017-Jun-01
[mp3] 20170602.mp3 7.7 MB 2017-Jun-02
[txt] 20170603_No_CLass.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-08
[txt] 20170604_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-08
[txt] 20170605_No_CLass.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-08
[txt] 20170606_No_CLass.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-08
[txt] 20170607_No_CLass.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-08
[mp3] 20170608.mp3 6.2 MB 2017-Jun-08
[txt] 20170609_No_CLas.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-12
[txt] 20170610_No_CLass.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-12
[txt] 20170611_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-12
[mp3] 20170612.mp3 6.5 MB 2017-Jun-12
[mp3] 20170613.mp3 6.2 MB 2017-Jun-13
[txt] 20170614_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-29
[mp3] 20170615.mp3 5.8 MB 2017-Jun-15
[mp3] 20170616.mp3 6.7 MB 2017-Jun-16
[txt] 20170617_No_CLass.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-19
[txt] 20170618_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-19
[mp3] 20170619.mp3 5.6 MB 2017-Jun-19
[mp3] 20170620.mp3 5.8 MB 2017-Jun-20
[txt] 20170621_Logic.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-29
[mp3] 20170622.mp3 5.9 MB 2017-Jun-22
[mp3] 20170623.mp3 8.0 MB 2017-Jun-23
[txt] 20170624_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-23
[txt] 20170625_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-23
[mp3] 20170626.mp3 7.2 MB 2017-Jun-26
[mp3] 20170627.mp3 13.4 MB 2017-Jun-29
[txt] 20170628_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jun-29
[mp3] 20170629.mp3 7.5 MB 2017-Jun-29
[mp3] 20170630.mp3 6.4 MB 2017-Jun-30
[mp3] 20170703.mp3 5.0 MB 2017-Jul-03
[mp3] 20170704.mp3 5.9 MB 2017-Jul-04
[mp3] 20170707.mp3 6.1 MB 2017-Jul-07
[txt] 20170708_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jul-10
[txt] 20170709_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Jul-10
[mp3] 20170710.mp3 8.0 MB 2017-Jul-10
[mp3] 20170711.mp3 5.5 MB 2017-Jul-11
[mp3] 20170713.mp3 6.0 MB 2017-Jul-13
[mp3] 20170714.mp3 6.0 MB 2017-Jul-14
[txt] 20170715-30-Summer_Break.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-01
[mp3] 20170801.mp3 8.0 MB 2017-Aug-01
[txt] 20170802_Logics.mp3.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-07
[mp3] 20170803.mp3 7.6 MB 2017-Aug-03
[mp3] 20170804.mp3 6.9 MB 2017-Aug-04
[txt] 20170805_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-07
[txt] 20170806_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-07
[mp3] 20170807.mp3 7.6 MB 2017-Aug-07
[mp3] 20170808.mp3 7.5 MB 2017-Aug-08
[mp3] 20170810.mp3 7.5 MB 2017-Aug-10
[mp3] 20170811.mp3 6.5 MB 2017-Aug-11
[txt] 20170812_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-11
[txt] 20170813_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-11
[mp3] 20170814.mp3 5.8 MB 2017-Aug-14
[txt] 20170815_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-14
[txt] 20170816_Logics.mp3.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-16
[mp3] 20170817.mp3 7.3 MB 2017-Aug-17
[mp3] 20170818.mp3 8.0 MB 2017-Aug-18
[txt] 20170819_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-21
[txt] 20170820_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-21
[mp3] 20170821.mp3 6.2 MB 2017-Aug-21
[mp3] 20170822.mp3 7.0 MB 2017-Aug-22
[txt] 20170823_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-23
[mp3] 20170824.mp3 8.9 MB 2017-Aug-24
[mp3] 20170825.mp3 7.3 MB 2017-Aug-25
[txt] 20170826_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-25
[txt] 20170827_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-25
[mp3] 20170828.mp3 8.3 MB 2017-Aug-28
[txt] 20170829_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-29
[txt] 20170830_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-29
[txt] 20170831_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-29
[txt] 20170901_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-29
[txt] 20170902_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Aug-29
[txt] 20170903_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-06
[mp3] 20170904.mp3 7.5 MB 2017-Sep-04
[mp3] 20170905.mp3 8.1 MB 2017-Sep-05
[txt] 20170906_logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-07
[mp3] 20170907.mp3 7.0 MB 2017-Sep-07
[mp3] 20170908.mp3 7.9 MB 2017-Sep-08
[txt] 20170909_holiday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-11
[txt] 20170910_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-11
[mp3] 20170911.mp3 7.9 MB 2017-Sep-11
[mp3] 20170912.mp3 7.4 MB 2017-Sep-12
[txt] 20170913_logic.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-13
[mp3] 20170914.mp3 7.6 MB 2017-Sep-14
[mp3] 20170915.mp3 8.0 MB 2017-Sep-16
[txt] 20170916_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-18
[txt] 20170917_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-18
[mp3] 20170918.mp3 6.1 MB 2017-Sep-18
[mp3] 20170919.mp3 5.9 MB 2017-Sep-19
[mp3] 20170920.mp3 7.4 MB 2017-Sep-21
[mp3] 20170921.mp3 7.5 MB 2017-Sep-21
[mp3] 20170922.mp3 8.3 MB 2017-Sep-22
[txt] 20170923_Holiday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-25
[txt] 20170924_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-25
[mp3] 20170925.mp3 7.2 MB 2017-Sep-25
[mp3] 20170926.mp3 7.2 MB 2017-Sep-26
[txt] 20170927_Logic.txt 0.0  B 2017-Sep-29
[mp3] 20170928.mp3 8.0 MB 2017-Sep-28
[mp3] 20170929.mp3 7.5 MB 2017-Sep-29
[txt] 20170929_20171008_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-09
[mp3] 20171009.mp3 5.9 MB 2017-Oct-09
[mp3] 20171010.mp3 6.4 MB 2017-Oct-10
[mp3] 20171012.mp3 5.5 MB 2017-Oct-12
[mp3] 20171013.mp3 7.3 MB 2017-Oct-13
[txt] 20171014_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-17
[txt] 20171015_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-17
[txt] 20171016_No Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-17
[mp3] 20171017.mp3 6.4 MB 2017-Oct-17
[txt] 20171018_Logic.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-19
[mp3] 20171019.mp3 7.9 MB 2017-Oct-19
[mp3] 20171020.mp3 6.3 MB 2017-Oct-20
[txt] 20171021_No Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-23
[txt] 20171022_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-23
[mp3] 20171023.mp3 5.5 MB 2017-Oct-23
[mp3] 20171024.mp3 6.0 MB 2017-Oct-24
[txt] 20171025_Logic.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-26
[mp3] 20171026.mp3 5.6 MB 2017-Oct-26
[mp3] 20171027.mp3 6.7 MB 2017-Oct-27
[txt] 20171028_No Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-30
[txt] 20171029_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Oct-30
[mp3] 20171030.mp3 5.8 MB 2017-Oct-30
[mp3] 20171031.mp3 5.7 MB 2017-Oct-31
[txt] 20171101_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Nov-01
[mp3] 20171102.mp3 6.0 MB 2017-Nov-02
[mp3] 20171106.mp3 48.2 MB 2017-Nov-06
[mp3] 20171107.mp3 5.5 MB 2017-Nov-07
[txt] 20171108_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-14
[mp3] 20171109.mp3 7.2 MB 2017-Nov-09
[mp3] 20171114.mp3 5.9 MB 2017-Nov-14
[txt] 20171115_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-14
[mp3] 20171116.mp3 5.6 MB 2017-Nov-16
[mp3] 20171117.mp3 7.4 MB 2017-Nov-17
[mp3] 20171120.mp3 5.9 MB 2017-Nov-20
[mp3] 20171121.mp3 6.4 MB 2017-Nov-23
[txt] 20171122_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-14
[mp3] 20171123.mp3 5.5 MB 2017-Nov-23
[mp3] 20171124.mp3 7.5 MB 2017-Nov-24
[mp3] 20171127.mp3 5.7 MB 2017-Nov-27
[mp3] 20171128.mp3 5.8 MB 2017-Nov-29
[txt] 20171129.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-14
[mp3] 20171130.mp3 7.8 MB 2017-Nov-30
[mp3] 20171201.mp3 7.5 MB 2017-Dec-01
[txt] 20171202_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-04
[txt] 20171203_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-04
[mp3] 20171204.mp3 6.2 MB 2017-Dec-04
[mp3] 20171205.mp3 5.7 MB 2017-Dec-05
[txt] 20171206_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-14
[mp3] 20171207.mp3 5.6 MB 2017-Dec-07
[mp3] 20171208.mp3 7.9 MB 2017-Dec-08
[txt] 20171209_No_Class.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[txt] 20171210_Sunday.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-08
[mp3] 20171211.mp3 6.0 MB 2017-Dec-11
[mp3] 20171212.mp3 6.5 MB 2017-Dec-12
[txt] 20171213_Logics.txt 0.0  B 2017-Dec-14
[mp3] 20171214.mp3 6.7 MB 2017-Dec-14
[mp3] 20171215.mp3 6.3 MB 2017-Dec-15
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